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Public Speaking

Sharing the Knowledge 

An experienced coach, public speaker, motivator and more. Carey is the perfect fit if your group needs motivation not only in their fitness goals but also in their overall LIFE! 

Potential Topics include:

- Fitness

- Nutrition

- Goal Setting and Achievement 

- Champion Mindset

- & More

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Simplicity and Inspiration to your Exercise Regimen

Ever heard of the acronym, K.I.S.S. ?  Keep Things Simple Stupid. Although stupid is not a word I choose to use often, in this case it just reminds us not to overthink something that can be kept simple in order to get the result one is after.  

Exercise really can be kept simple.  The SURGE® Storm 40 is designed to keep it simple while getting  in a good combination of movements and engaging the entire body. Whether you are looking to wake up and get in 5 minutes of flow movement before you head off to work, cool down or restore the body after activity, or use it as your WOD (workout of the day), it won’t disappoint.  

Try these three moves individually and in combination to get the blood pumping! 


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