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Personal Training & More

Feel Good, Look Good

If you're ready to take charge of your health and your goals, Coach Carey has many different avenues to connect and find the right fit for you. 



6 Week Butt Builder Program !

This one is on me!

Get working on your tooshy goals with my 6-week Butt Builder Program 

PT Offerings
Personal Training

1:1 personal Training. Working out specific to your needs and goals. This will include:


  • Nutrition counsel,

  • Workout design for specific goals lined out by athlete

  • Coach support, encouragement and accountability!

Nutrition Coaching

You can't out train a bad diet! You must create a plan and stick to it! I am here to help!! 

You will learn: 

  • Basic understanding of Zoned Daily Nutrition Plan.

  • Food log to show where supplements are needed 

  • Importance of water, sleep, and breath work and how it will be implemented into your daily regime.

Recovery Training


  • Breath Training

  • Cold therapy

  • Sauna training


These sessions can be a private lesson or small group.

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